Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Work-out Wednesdays

For a while now I have been wanting to write a blog about exercise. About how important exercise has been for keeping me healthy, the ups and downs of exercise, the good, the bad, motivation, weekly routine, on and on. Because I have so much to say on the topic, I decided that I would like to write a series of blogs on exercise. I am hereby dedicating Wednesdays to "Work-out Wednesdays."

In this series of blogs I'd like to share my experience with incorporating exercise into my daily life. As a disclaimer, I am not providing any type of medical advice what-so-ever. I'm just sharing what has worked for me. Any individual, especially those with an illness, should always talk to a doctor before starting an exercise program. But I do hope I can provide inspiration to those want to start an exercise program or who need to improve their existing exercise program.

If you follow my blog and you have CF: I understand not everyone is in the physical condition to participate in an exercise program. The purpose of this blog series is not to imply you should be doing something beyond your capability. Or that you should feel bad if you are unable to exercise. If you are in this category, I will continue to send you positive healing energy.

If you are a parent with a CF child: I've often thought I really can't relate to parents of CF children. I didn't know I had CF until I was 18, so I don't have experience with being a child and dealing with CF. But, if there is one thing I have learned, staying active is one of the most important aspect of my life. I've learned that I can help parents on some level: I hope parents will see it is possible to be active and have CF. CF doesn't have to stop us from trying to live normal lives.

Next Wednesday: Exercise Essentials


  1. Looking forward to next week's post!

  2. Me too! Maybe I'll incorporate some of your stuff into my workout. :-) Go Leeners!