Monday, November 8, 2010

CF Patient Adherence Survey

I like taking surveys.  Some CF related, some not.  Recently, I took the Patient Adherence Survey.  The questions where related to being compliant with treatments, using online resources, and opinions of tracking treatments using a cell phone app.  Anyway, I took the survey, because I like doing these things.  Last week I was informed that I actually won a prize for participating in the survey.  I have no idea what I won, but it is exciting.  I certainly did not take the survey to win anything.  In fact I didn't even know my name would be part of a raffle.  I can't wait to see what I won. 

Speaking of surveys, I recently signed up with WWMR to participate in CF surveys.  They paid me $50.00 just to join.  I am on record as part of a CF panel to participate in research related surveys to improve patient care.  I had my first opportunity to participate in a survey which pays $200, plus travel expenses.  I didn't qualify, however, because you have to be on a specific medication, which I am not taking.  But $200! That would of been nice, especially with the holidays coming up.  The man running that survey said they usually do 5-6 a year for CF patients, so there will be more opportunity to participate.  I think this is a wonderful opportunity to take an active role in the CF community.  Contact me if you have CF or are a CF caretaker and want to participate. 

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