Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CF Research Panel

A few weeks ago, I participated in my first CF research panel.  I spent about an hour giving my opinions and feedback related to packaging of a new medication for patients with CF.  They showed me two packaging options and then they would ask me questions about what I liked about each of them, what I didn't, which one I like better and why...stuff like that.  They also had me test the accessibility of handling the medication, opening the package, etc.  I guess I really never thought that so much effort went into the packaging of a medication.  But I really had fun giving my opinion and hopefully contributing to putting a great product out on the market.  Plus, it paid $150.00.  Just for spending an hour giving my opinion. 

They did not tell me anything about this medication, just that it would be sold in powder form and needs to be mixed with water.  I was very flattered at the end because they said I was an excellent participant and they wish they could have more scientists on all of their panels.  :)


  1. So, is this a research where you take the medication and have to visit the dr. and get checked out each month? I hope it helps you and hope it helps them. The added money is a nice bonus, isn't it?